Bath accessories

Care instructions – accessories

Natural variations may occur due to the fact that the products are partially hand crafted. Do not clean this product with alcohol or cleaning agents that contain solvents. Dish washing liquid is recommended. This product is not dishwasher safe.

Regular maintenance of the pump will ensure its proper working order. It is important to keep the pump free of hardened soap residue. Failure to remove the residue will result in breakage of the spring located in the inner mechanism.

To clean the pump remove it from the dispenser. With the tube facing in an upward position run the pump under hot water while working the pump head to allow water to pass through the tube and free the spring of any build up residue.

It is recommended that the pump be cleaned once a month. It should be cleaned more frequently if the pump is not used on a daily basis as this increases the risk of buildup of hardened soap residue.

Some dispensers are with a foam pump, which changes the soap into a creamy foam. This is done by mixing soap, water and air (approx 1/3 of each) and then shake. If the soap is not diluted with water, the foam pump will not function as intended.