Domino all-round mat small Domino all-round mat large
Nude mat 55×80 cm Nude runner 70×150 cm
Green mat 55×80 cm Green runner 70×150 cm
Domino all-round mat small
Blue runner 70×150 cm
Functional mat for use in living room, kitchen, bath, hall, bedroom etc.
- Hard wearing nylon-pile with anti-slip rubber on backside (pvc-free)
- Washable at 40 degrees in ordinary washing machine.
- Spin drying at low turns.
- tumble drying at medium heat.
- After wash, the piles will raise and the vibrant colours will freshen up.
- Great colour fastness makes the colours stay bright wash after wash.
- Lies flat on all kinds of floors.
- Absorbs great amount of dirt and damp.
- Sizes: 55×80 cm (mat) 70×150 cm (runner)