Care instructions – pumps

To avoid breaking the pump it is important to keep old remainders of soap from piling up around the spring. If the soap hardens and creates an obstruction in the pipe, the spring will break.

Regular pumps:
Clean the pump by removing it from the dispenser, turning it with the tube upwards, and rinse thoroughly under hot running water, while pressing the pump head, so the water can pass through to the spring.

The pump should be rinsed at least once a month and more frequently if the dispenser is not used on a daily basis, since this increases the risk of soap obstructions in the pipe.

Foam pumps:
Some dispensers are with a foam pump, which changes the soap into a creamy foam. This is done by mixing soap, water and air (approx 1/3 of each) and then shake. If the soap is not diluted with water, the foam pump will not function as intended.

Never clean the products with alcohol or cleaning agents that contain solvents. The products are not dishwasher proof.